Waypoint provides digital programs for behavioral disorders. Modeled on cognitive behavior therapy techniques, Waypoint’s programs provide effective, scalable, standardized, and measurable self-help solutions for patients. Our product portfolio currently includes Thrive for depression and BT Steps for obsessive compulsive disorder.

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Digitally Delivered Care

Waypoint’s programs are based on cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), a validated, pragmatic form of psychotherapy that teaches skills to manage the symptoms of mental disorders. Waypoint’s programs extend the benefits of CBT by making those techniques available in a standardized, measurable, scalable format.

Designed in collaboration with expert psychiatrists and psychologists, Waypoint’s programs are fully automated. That is, the entire course of therapy can be delivered without human intervention – the patient does not need to chat, email, or speak with a clinician, although Waypoint encourages clients to augment its programs with support from a case manager or clinician. Our programs use a combination of educational information (text, diagrams, and videos), Q&A, interactive tools, and branching logic based on best clinical practices to help the patient create a customized self-management plan.

Custom Products

Waypoint also builds custom digital care solutions for healthcare organizations that need for effective, scalable, standardized, and measurable solutions for patients with behavioral disorders or chronic physical conditions.  Please contact us to learn how we can help.