Digital Care for Behavioral Health

Waypoint Health Innovations is determined to make behavioral health care more accessible, measurable, and cost-efficient by combining techniques from proven clinician-led care with the reach, convenience, and consistency of digital programs.
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Our development process starts by identifying specific techniques from clinician-led cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) that have been validated in peer-reviewed studies.
We distill them in to fully digital interventions that combine sophisticated algorithms, rich content and interactive elements to create structured, personalized programs.
Individuals using our programs experience strong symptom improvement without ongoing support from clinicians, results unmatched by other programs.

The challenge is huge.

The prevalence of behavioral disorders and and barriers to their treatment drive enormous cost for payers, employers, and the people suffering from them.

We can help.

We work with value-oriented providers, health plans, employers, and other organizations that have a stake in improving access to evidence-based behavioral health care.  Our programs help them close the gap by removing barriers to care in a measurable, cost-efficient way.

Introducing Thrive, personalized digital care for depression. Depression is the most common and costliest behavioral disorder in the US today. Thrive, our program for depression, distills best practices from cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and delivers them through a rich, structured and guided curriculum. Across provider and employer settings, individuals using Thrive:

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Above: Thrive, our program for depression, available via the web or our mobile app. Online CBT for depression and anxiety.



We’re committed to performing rigorous evaluation of our programs.  Two recently published papers evaluated Thrive’s effectiveness in improving depression symptoms, and two other studies have completed data collection.

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