At Waypoint Health Innovations, we want to empower people to reach their goals by helping them feel and function their best. We do this by building scalable, user-friendly digital programs that distill best practices from validated clinician-led care and translate them into fully digital interventions. Our programs deliver structured yet personalized care by combining sophisticated algorithms, rich content, and interactive tools.

Rigorous independently conducted clinical trials show our programs achieve excellent user adherence and symptom improvement without support from coaches or clinicians, results unmatched by any other digital behavioral health intervention.

Our focus is to make behavioral health more accessible, measurable and cost-effective while keeping patients’ potential for leading happier, healthier lives at the center. Whether you are a health plan, a value-oriented provider, a self-insured employer or represent another organization that has a stake in improving outcomes, we’d like to partner with you. Please contact us to ask how we can help.

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