Personalized digital care for OCD

BT Steps is Waypoint’s web-based cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) program for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). BT Steps guides users through nine steps that teach skills to support the self-management of OCD symptoms. These skills include:

  • The identification of triggers of obsessions
  • The development of personalized goals for therapy
  • Exposure and ritual prevention homework sessions, the active therapeutic element of CBT for OCD
  • Fine-tuning exposure and ritual prevention skills
  • Involving friends and family members in the management of OCD symptoms
  • Coping with distress during homework sessions
  • Preventing the return of OCD symptoms

BT Steps features activities, exercises, and multimedia content to engage patients, emulate the best practices of expert cognitive behavior therapists and provide users with a customized self-management program for OCD.