We help value-oriented healthcare providers increase their capacity while responding to patients’ preferences for convenient, stigma-free care.
We help plans augment their existing network by quickly and cost-efficiently extending standardized, measurable care to high-cost members.
We help employers help their employees, increasing productivity and heading off increases in medical costs associated with depression.

The right deployment model

We work with customers to help them get the most out of our programs. Before deployment, we consult with our customers to create an integration and engagement model that considers patient demographics, likely patient histories, the contexts in which patients will be referred to our programs, customers’ case management resources and other assets, and customer goals.

A successful integration and engagement model includes protocols for identifying patients who meet clinical requirements and other criteria for candidacy; referring patients to the program, including a conversation with the patient about his or her care preferences; coaching patients during scheduled discussions that cover goal-setting and progress review; and periodic review of symptoms and other factors to modify patients’ treatment plans, if needed. As part of every deployment, we consult with customers to plan and prepare these elements.

How to reach us

If you are a value-oriented provider, health plan, or self-insured employer interested in providing measurable, cost-efficient behavioral health care to your patients, members, or employees, get in touch with us to ask how we can help.

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